These are the Top 10 White Stripes Songs:

The Denial Twist - Should be in the Top 5 Edit

- I Agree totally, a chrime not to put it in Top 5. -Jowi 92

Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground?

Top 10 Stripes Songs Edit

  • 10. The Air Near My Fingers
    • The live versions are even better. Great Son House cover, with amazing slide guitar from Jack.
  • 9. In The Cold, Cold Night
    • Why is this song on the list? Cause it's Meg's first major lead vocal, and it she did amazing on it.
  • 8. Apple Blossom
    • The beautiful piano and soft vocals, with awesome drumming by Meg, lands this song to #8.
  • 7. The Hardest Button To Button
    • The pounding drum beats with a bass-like guitar pounding over them -- genius. Great song, perfect for #7.
  • 6. The Big Three Killed My Baby
    • This early song from their debut album with cool drum beats and lyrics about cars (Um..yeah, cars, i think) made it to #6 because of the aforementioned drum beats and lyrics about cars.
  • 5. Blue Orchid
    • Those high-pitched vocals and the incredible guitar playing (with a Floria Sigismondi video) really makes it suitable to stick it in #5.
  • 4. We Are Going To Be Friends
    • This song shows the other side of their music with a nice tune and great singing
  • 3. Fell In Love With A Girl
    • Really awesome song, with an amazing, innovative video which features the band made out of Legos.
  • 2. Icky Thump
    • Catchy and addictive, simple as that, perfect for the rights as number 2.
  • 1. Seven Nation Army
    • Why? WHY? You know why. Probably the biggest Stripes hit, this song even won a Grammy, probably because of its addictive riff (doom, doom-doom, doom doom-doom doom) from Jack's guitar (not a bass! He creates it by playing his guitar through a whammy pedal dropped an octave). This song is incredible.