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Top 10 Famous Harbours

Below are the most famous harbours across the world ranked by popularity:

Beautiful Sydney Harbour.

1. Sydney Harbour, Australia 
Also known as Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour is perhaps best known for its waterside world famous landmarks Sydney Opera Housa and Sydney Harbour Bridge. It also comprises of three sections: North Harbour, Middle Harbour and Port Jackson. Pork Jackson is the largest, that consists of the CBD on the south end and extends out to Parramatta.
Several islands are also located on the harbour, the most notable being Fort Denison, Shark Island & Cockatoo Island.
Sydney Harbour also has other major landmarks nearby: Circular Quay, Luna Park, Sydney Heads, Anzac Bridge, Spit Bridge, Sydney Harbour Tunnel, and many more.
HELPFUL INFORMATION: If you perform a Google search for "Most Famous Harbours", you will notice that Sydney's Harbour shows up a number of times in the search results (probably the most amount of times), resulting in the harbour being placed at the top position.

Victoria Harbour at night!

2. Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
Famous for its spectacular panoramic views, Victoria Harbour is home to Hong Kong and a popular tourist destination. The harbour is best viewed from the Victoria Peak, and you can catch the Star Ferry for a close-up view of the harbour.
Victoria Harbour is home to one of the world's busiest port facilities, with an average 220,000 ships visiting each year.
The harbour also holds three cross-harbour tunnels, connecting Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.

Modern day aerial view of Pearl Harbour.

3. Pearl Harbour, USA 
Nothing should have to be said here, yet something shall. The bombing of pearl by the Japanese initiated the American involvement in World War 2.

Poole Harbour at its deepest channel.

4. Poole Harbour, England
Poole Harbour is regularly used by cross-channel ferries, with a very large width and shallow depth. The harbour was formed at the end of the ice age when it was drowned by the coastal waters.
The harbour is relatively quiet, with the views being the popular part of the harbour. Most of the urban land is near the only deep channel in the harbour.

Base view of Falmouth Harbour.

5. Falmouth Harbour, England 
Located On The South Cost of the United Kingdom, Falmouth Harbour is best known for the start & finish of various round-the-world voyages. Falmouth has three railway stations, one of which is considerably close to the harbour itself.

View of the harbour from one of its many skycrapers.

6. New York Harbour, USA 

View of the harbour, Golden Gate Bridge and the city from the nearby mountain.

7. San Francisco Bay, USA 

A spectacular view of Guanabara Bay!

8. Guanabara Bay, Brazil 

Aeriel view of Cork Harbour.

9. Cork Harbour, Ireland 
With Cork City located on the NW corner of the harbour, Cork Harbour would be best known for holding the town of Cobh on its largest island, Great Island.
The harbour consists of many large islands, 5 of which are currently inhabited: Great Island, Fota Island, Little Island, Haulbowline Island & Spike Island.
The Irish Navy also occupies Haulbowline Island, dating back to the 18th century when it was first inhabited.
Cork Harbour is also one of the most important industrial areas in Ireland.

Ground view looking across the harbour.

10. Mumbai Harbour, India (Formerly Bombay Harbour)
Famous for its major tourist attraction The Gateway Of India, Mumbai Harbour handles 50% of the country's passenger transport and ships most of India's cargo.
Many mangrove swamps line most of the shoreline which are home to thousands of migrating birds and flamingos. The harbour itself opens up to the Arabian Sea at the southern end.

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