This is a Top 10 List of the Greatest features in Super Mario 63 Edit

  • 10=The "Mushroom" room. This wasn't very thrilling but still gave you that feeling of happiness collecting all those mushrooms.
  • 9=Luigi. Runouw took the liberty of, not only adding Luigi into the game, but adding to him different sprites AND a different voice.
  • 8=The music. The choice of music is great, and goes well with the levels. You will find yourself humming to some of these tunes.
  • 7=64 Shine Sprites. That's a lot of collectables in 1 flash game.
  • 6=64 Starcoins. They are not just stuff to collect; you are rewarded for collecting them.
  • 5=Boss Battles against Bowser. Though there is a glitch in the 2nd boss battle, fighting against bowser will really give you the feeling of a powerful battle.
  • 4=The levels. They are absolutely gorgeus. They are huge, detailed, and not 1 deserves not to be here.
  • 3=The secret levels. When finding them, you will be rewarded with more abilities, items, powerups, and collectables.
  • 2=The hidden passageway in the castle. At first, you'll only be able to reach part of it, but as you go through the course of the game, you will find so many secret passageways and levels. The passageway leads to everywhere in the castle.
  • 1=The level designer. You saw those awesome levels. Now make your own, and send them to to get rated.

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