The Top 10

These are the Top 10 Three point shooters: The template, "title description" is an optional title generator.

Steps to create a Top 10 list:

  1. To see what this looks like, scroll down and click the [show preview] button.
  2. Optionally, you might state the criteria for how an item gets rated in the Top 10.
  3. Choose a style and edit the Top 10 items.
  4. Optionally, you can add descriptions to give more info, external links to websites, images, etc.
  5. Select or add the category/categories for the article, so that it will be found in the table of contents.
  6. Click the [Show preview] button, error check & test your links, if any.
  7. Click [Save page]. Make sure you save your work!

Edit the Top 10 list (edit TITLE here)[]

Here are several styles from which to choose. Pick a style and use it consistently within your Top 10 list:

1. name - This is simple and easy

2. name

3. name...

10. name

1. name
description of #1
2. name
description of #2
3. name...
description of #3 and so on...
10. name
description of #10

  1. name A
  2. name B
  3. name C...
  4. name ABC
  5. name XZY

No. 10 {note, this uses the template called "item"}. type in name of 10

type in description of 10

No. 9. type in name of 9

type in description of 9, ... and so on ...

No. 1. type in name of Number 1

type in description of Number 1

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Select a Category[]

Before you finish a Top 10 list, add one or more categories. See the categories at the bottom of the Home Page.

If you are not sure, then use: