These are the Top 10 Excuses to Not Come to Work on a Beautiful Day:

Want the day off, but you're afraid to ask? You've come to right place. If you are reading this while at the office, well, take the rest of the day off.


"Why a day off?" you say.

If you already know why, skip to next section.

Are you busy at work? I am. You want a day off, but you're afraid to ask. Feeling guilty? Too many things to do? Stress on the rise? Enough! The "so-called" Mental Health Day was invented for you (& me).

  • Assume you're not a slacker. You'll be more satisfied and productive if you have the confidence to take a break when you need one. Upon your return, you'll be both missed and relaxed.
  • Some excuses fall into the fact is stranger than fiction category. Any excuse here is hopefully tried, tested, and true. Let these not be so unique that only you - or nobody - can use them.
  • Do these excuses, nay justifications, inspire you to create your own?

The Top 11 Excuses to Not Come to Work on a Beautiful Day Edit


No. 11. I doo doo'd my pants

How can the boss argue with that??!?!?!

No. 10. I'm really just working from home for free!

How can the boss argue with that?

No. 9. I always take off on St. Patrick's Day.

No. 8. My in-laws are coming. I have to clean the house. I'm doing laundry (...while watching Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Report).

No. 7. I always take off on Chinese New Year.

No. 6. I have food poisoning...

Try to restrain from describing your gastrointestinal symptoms.

No. 5. I always take off on Columbus Day.

No. 4. Tell your boss that you are sick of his crap and that you might shoot up the office if you dont get the day off.

No. 3. I'm home writing wiki pages.

No. 2. Going to the rally for Immigration Reform!

No. 1. Tell the boss the truth.

However crazy and foolish your story, it's still better than anything here.

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